12.14.11 \NeedsTeXFormat



Specifies the format that this class must be run under. Often issued as the first line of a class file, and most often used as: \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}. When a document using that class is processed, the format being run must exactly match the format name given, including case. If it does not match then execution stops with an error like ‘This file needs format `LaTeX2e' but this is `plain'.’.

To require a version of the format that you know to have certain features, include the optional format-date on which those features were implemented. If present, it must be in the form YYYY/MM/DD. If the format version installed on your system is earlier than format date then you get a warning like this.

You have requested release `2038/01/20' of LaTeX, but only
release `2016/02/01' is available.

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