12.14.10 \LoadClass & \LoadClassWithOptions



Load a class, as with \documentclass[options-list]{class-name}[release-date]. An example: \LoadClass[twoside]{article}.

The options-list, if present, is a comma-separated list. The release-date is also optional. If present it must have the form YYYY/MM/DD.

If you request release-date and the date of the package installed on your system is earlier, then you get a warning on the screen and in the log like this:

You have requested, on input line 4, version `2038/01/19' of
document class article, but only version `2014/09/29 v1.4h
Standard LaTeX document class' is available.

The command version \LoadClassWithOptions uses the list of options for the current class. This means it ignores any options passed to it via \PassOptionsToClass. This is a convenience command that lets you build classes on existing ones, such as the standard article class, without having to track which options were passed.

Unofficial LaTeX2e reference manual