8.1 abstract



Produce an abstract, possibly of multiple paragraphs. This environment is only defined in the article and report document classes (see Document classes).

Using the example below in the article class produces a displayed paragraph. Document class option titlepage causes the abstract to be on a separate page (see Document class options); this is the default only in the report class.

  We compare all known accounts of the proposal made by Porter Alexander 
  to Robert E Lee at the Appomattox Court House that the army continue
  in a guerrilla war, which Lee refused.

The next example produces a one column abstract in a two column document (for a more flexible solution, use the package abstract).

\title{Babe Ruth as Cultural Progenitor: a Atavistic Approach}
\author{Smith \\ Jones \\ Robinson\thanks{Railroad tracking grant.}}
       Ruth was not just the Sultan of Swat, he was the entire swat
{   % by-hand insert a footnote at page bottom
 \footnotetext[1]{Thanks for all the fish.}

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