25.1.6 \numberline



Typeset its argument flush left in a box. This is used in a \contentsline command to typeset the section number (see \contentsline).

For example, this line in a .toc file causes the 1.1 to be typeset flush left.

\contentsline {subsection}{\numberline {1.1}Motivation}{2}

By default, LaTeX typesets the section numbers in a box of length \@tempdima. That length is set by the commands \l@section, \l@subsection, etc. Put section numbers inside a natural-width box with \renewcommand{\numberline}[1]{#1~} before \tableofcontents.

This command is fragile so you may need to precede it with \protect (see \protect). An example is the use of \protect in this command,


to get the \numberline into the \contentsline command in the .toc file: \contentsline {section}{\numberline {}Summary}{6} (the page number ‘6’ is automatically added by LaTeX; see \addcontentsline).

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